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Jerry Brown Adhesive System One



Jerry Brown adhesive , especially for bonding hollow braided or monofilament leader to make.

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Adhesive System One Instructions

Jerry Brown's Adhesive System One is a bonding system designed for hollow spectra to monofilament or fluorocarbon connections. Plastics such as spectra are known as low surface energy plastics, and are not readily bondable. To make them bondable, one must first modify the surface. Adhesive System One consists of two separate components:

Energizer One: This modifies the surface of the spectra to make it compatible with the adhesive. It takes only seconds to be effective and evaporates quickly. Caution: Energizer One is flammable, do not smoke; be careful to avoid sparks or flames.

Bond One: This specially formulated adhesive is designed to bond surface-activated spectra formed by treatment with Energizer One. This is extremely fast acting and is accelerated by oxygen or moisture.

How to use:

1. Prepare your topshot by inserting monofilament or fluorocarbon inside hollow spectra to a minimum length of three (3) feet.

2. Prepare a test to demonstrate that the fingertrap connection cannot be pulled apart under tension. Do this by pulling steadily on the monofilament and spectra in opposite directions. One must still ensure that it cannot pull apart under slack conditions, however. This is the purpose of adhesives and serves.

3. Brush Energizer One onto the prepared topshot connection starting one inch from where the mono/fluoro enters the spectra. It will wick through the braided spectra onto the mono/fluoro inside. The reaction is quick with the excess evaporating, leaving both surfaces prepared for the application of Bond One.

4. Install the BHP Micro-Tip over the Bond One standard bottle tip. Apply a few drops of adhesive onto the pretreated one-inch portion of the topshot. Bonding is very quick and the topshot is ready for use after a final tension test. Caution: This adhesive will bond skin. The bond can be dissolved using acetone or nail polish remover.

5. A serve over the adhesive is always recommended.


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